Spring Grizzly / Black Bear Prices
includes Non-Resident Hunter Preservation Fund and Land Use fees

8-day Spring Grizzly/Black Bear Hunts over bait  1st hunt   1x1

   $16,500  1 Grizzly & 1Black Bear 

   $14,500 Grizzly Bear only 
    Additional black bear $2000 per bear MUST PAY UPFRONT TO HUNT


8-day Spring Grizzly/Black Bear Hunts over bait  2x1

   $16,500  1 Grizzly & 1Black Bear 
  [this hunt for parent child or husband wife ONLY sharing one guide 1 hunters grizzly 1 hunter black bear]

Additional black bear $2000 per bear. MUST PAY UPFRONT TO HUNT

4-day Black Bear Hunts over bait  1x1

    $7000  2 Black bears either 1 Black & 1 Color Phase or
    $8000  2 Color Phase black bears [40-50% of our blacks are color phase bears] 
    Additional black bear $2000 per bearMUST PAY UPFRONT TO HUNT

4-day Black Bear Hunts over bait for 2 people  2X1

    $7000 - $3500 each hunter sharing one guide
    Additional black bear $2000 per bear MUST PAY UPFRONT TO HUNT

3-day Black Bear Hunts over bait  1x1

    $3500 1-black bear 
    Alaska Resident hunters are welcomed.

Hunters who wound a bear ARE FINISHED HUNTING that animal.   All bait stations are less than 40 yards. 
Non-resident hunters must purchase Alaskan hunting license, black bear tag, & grizzly tag prior to hunt.

Non-resident Hunting License $160.00
Non-resident black bear tag fee $450.00
Non-resident grizzly tag fee $1000.00

Non-hunting companion is $325/DAY. All hunts are one hunter and one guide. A black bear can be taken on a grizzly tag if not successful on grizzly.

If a hunter brings their spouse, daughter or son there is no companion fee & they can share the 2-bear hunt price,  2-hunters with one guide.  This special is ONLY for spouse and children under 18. This hunt is 2 on 1. 

50% Deposit is required with a booking for a hunt. The balance is due upon arrival. Your deposit/payments are "Not" refundable. Your deposit is our guarantee of your booking being reserved for your hunt-dates. You may find a substitute for your hunt but the transfer of funds is your responsibility. Once we sell a hunt, those hunt dates are no longer available. If there is a emergency we am willing to work with you. 

Hunts are one guide to one client unless family. Alaska Hunting Adventures has a land use agreement with the local Native Village to give a portion of the meat from your trophy to the village council. There is NO compensation for travel delays, weather, or early departure.